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Men are from Mars-Women are from Venus

The search for well-fitting jeans and pants can be challenging and frustrating. Just ask my friend who recently tried on 7 pairs of jeans before finding one that fit properly. Or any woman who’s spent what felt like hours in the fitting room in search of the “perfect” jeans. On a recent shopping excursion with my best friend and our husbands (yes, they went willingly) we had a lengthy discussion about the difference between men’s and women’s clothing. The guys commented on how many different sizes of clothes we had to take into the fitting room in order to find something that fit. I think they finally understood how lucky they are when it comes to shopping for clothes! A large is a large, no matter where you shop for men’s clothes. They know a 34/32 pair of pants is going to fit whether it’s jeans or dress slacks. A 16/33 dress shirt will fit the same no matter the manufacturer. Great for them, frustrating for us girls.

Over the years I’ve found a couple of stores that I can shop and consistently find clothes that fit well. The LOFT is one of my favorites. I actually worked at a LOFT store several years ago so I’m very familiar with their products.  It’s interesting that I hardly ever find things at Ann Taylor, but LOFT is a virtual treasure trove for me every time. Weird. The LOFT Outlets are some of my very favorite stores. There’s usually a great sale and on my most recent excursion I happened onto a  40% off everything event. Nice. I still had to try on multiple styles and sizes for the perfect fit, but left the store with some really great spring and summer additions to my wardrobe.

Where do you like to shop? Is there one store where you can always find something you love?

Today’s Outfit:
Trouser Jeans: LOFT (recent)
Print Button Shirt: Ross (last season)
Oatmeal colored cardigan: Target (recent)
Brown flat shoes: Old Navy (recent)


Frugally yours,



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