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I’ve seen a lot of ruffles this spring and it makes me happy! I’m not a real frilly person, but the occasional ruffled top can soften and tailored outfit nicely. I have several of these tanks from Target and there are a myriad ways to accessorize them. The first thing I tried was a ¾ sleeve cobalt cardigan, but it looked a little too “momish” for me so I switched to the blazer. I debated adding the bubble necklace, but decided I needed a little something extra, so the necklace won.

I went shopping over the weekend, so I’ll post my purchases later this week. Suffice to say LOFT+Outlet=major success!

Have a great week!

Today’s Outfit:
Ruffled print top: Target
Turquoise Blazer: Charlotte Russe
Levi’s Skinny Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Brown Platform Sandals: DSW
Bubble Necklace: J Crew Outlet


Frugally yours,



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2 thoughts on “Ruffles!

  1. Love that blazer! Do you remember how much it was? Surprised that Charlotte Russe carries something so nicely tailored. Great ensemble!


    • Hi Leslie! The blazer came from the NorthPark store early last fall. I think it was under $30 so it was definitely a bargain! I haven’t been in the store recently, but they occasionally have some nicer things. I’ve also noticed that H&M and Forever 21 have been stocking some lined blazers this season.Check it out!


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