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The Office: Casual

Ah, Spring. It’s finally here in Texas and I’m so glad! Time to put away the sweaters and boots and bring out the sandals, cute dresses and t-shirts! It also means bright, happy colors and sunny days spent outside. Except if you work in an office.

Spring and summer work attire can be a challenge no matter what your office environment may be. My workplace dress code is casual. Very. Casual. You’ll find folks in everything to summer dresses to shorts and flip flops. I’m not kidding. This was quite a drastic change for me when I started this job 2 years ago. I came from a corporate environment where I wore skirts, dresses or nice slacks and heels every day. I once told my new boss she’d never see me in flip flops at work. I had to eat my words last summer.

One challenge a lot of us have is dressing for a warm (or in Texas, boiling hot) day, but still being comfortable in an air conditioned office. Some call our office a refrigerator. Or Freezer. Even the North Pole. I’ve learned to dress in layers and always have a sweater handy for those days when I start feeling a little frostbitten in July.

Today’s outfit is a pretty good example of my office attire for spring and summer (which usually lasts through September!) in Texas. The three quarter sleeve cardigan is just warm enough for the office, but I can take it off once I have to go outside. How do you dress for work?

Today’s Outfit:
Coral Embroidered Cardigan: Target
Blue T-shirt: Target
Khaki Cropped Pants: LOFT
Brown Braided Belt: Target
Brown Wedge Sandals: DSW
Triangle Recycled Bead Earrings: Lori Yeary Designs


Frugally yours,



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