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Nothing to Wear

Do you ever find yourself staring in your closet full of clothes and thinking “I have nothing to wear”? Face, all of us have those days – sometimes several times a week! It can be frustrating to see all those clothes and not have a clue what to do with them! That’s where inspiration photos come in handy. My first stop is usually Pinterest for outfit inspiration, but I also find it in the many catalogs that seem to flood my mailbox on a regular basis. I’ve started either scanning the catalog photos or better yet, checking the online catalogs and pinning photos to my boards.

Today’s outfit was the winner for a recent singing gig and I think it was a success on several levels: My husband and daughters liked it, I felt good in it and I received several compliments at the event – a definitive fashion trifecta! It took a little trial and error (and raiding D2’s jewelry box for earrings) to come up with the final outfit, but it was worth the effort.

I thought I’d include a photo from the event – just wish I could have found one where I was smiling! I really was having a great time singing!

Today’s outfit:
Black Lace dress: White House/Black Market (clearance)
Purple Suede Sandals: DSW
Purple patent belt: Target
Earrings: Lori Yeary Designs

Frugally yours,



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