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Accessories can make or break an outfit. Don’t believe me? Just look at today’s ensemble. I’ve included two photos today so you can see the difference. The first outfit is ok, but definitely a little on the boring side. I added the pink belt for some color but it’s still a little drab for my taste. You can see in the second photo what a difference just adding a scarf made – a simple, inexpensive addition really makes the outfit come together! The inspiration for this particular ensemble came from Pinterest so I’ve included that photo as well. Obviously mine isn’t a direct copy of the outfit in the photo – I just took the idea and “shopped” my closet for something similar.

How often do you use inspiration photos to shop your closet? You might be surprised how many new and interesting ways you’ll find to wear what you already have!

Today’s Outfit:
Off-White Blazer: H&M
Heather Green T-shirt: Gap Outlet
Mossimo Boyfriend Skinny Jeans: Target
Watercolor Scarf: Target
Nude Pumps: Target

3.28.13 Inspiration  3.28.13 no scarf 3.28.13a

Frugally yours,



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