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My best friend hosted a lovely bridal shower for daughter #3 (D3) this past weekend. What a fun day! It was still cold outside (hello, Sprinter), but I still wanted some Spring color so I raided D3’s closet and found this awesome dress. She found it at a Ross, and I’ve seen some similar ones recently. I think one may need to make its way into my closet very soon…

I love an easy to wear, effortless dress, don’t you? One that you can throw on and wear all day without having to think about it. I particularly like this style because it can be worn year round – with tights and boots like this outfit, or with nude pumps. Or wedge sandals. Or flats. Or colorful sandals. You get the idea. I haven’t worn dresses much recently, but I think I may have to change that soon. The challenge is finding casual dresses that aren’t too short. I’ve found a few online shops that sell “skirt extenders”, but I’m not sure that’s a good solution. What do you think? Would you wear a lace skirt extender under a too short dress?

Today’s Outfit:
Jersey Knit Dress: Ross
Brown Tights: Target
Brown Boots: Ross
Hot Pink Bubble necklace: J Crew Outlet


Frugally Yours,



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