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Today’s challenge : dress head to toe (except for jewelry and unmentionables) from one store. Done! My outfit today is all from Target – a fugalista’s best friend. True, Target isn’t where you’d want to buy all your clothes (although it could be done). Some things you just need to spend a little more on to get a lasting quality piece of clothing (like my J. Crew blazer), but for every day, seasonal pieces you can’t beat it.

Sizing can be a bit tricky at Target, so you have to try things on. As with most manufacturers, an 8 is not always an 8 – frustrating, yes, but unfortunately for women it’s a reality. From Mossimo to Merona it’s always wise to take at least two different sizes to the fitting room if you don’t have a friend who’s willing to exchange sizes for you.

I have found the quality of clothing at Target has improved over the past few years. I’m seeing more lined skirts and jackets, sweaters that don’t pill after one or two washes and t-shirts that don’t shrink two sizes after one wash. The grey ballet flats in today’s outfit were purchased about 3 years ago and I wish I’d bought them in every color. They’re that well-made and comfortable!

I saw several things yesterday that I’d like to add to my wardrobe this season, but only the grey skinny crops went home with me. So far they are very comfortable, with just enough stretch. If they still feel good by the end of the day, I’ll probably go back and get them in a different color. I won’t wait too long, though as I’m pretty sure they’ll be very popular this season.

What’s your favorite bargain purchase? What’s the one item you find yourself wearing over and over again and why? I’d love to hear from you!

Today’s outfit:

Ruffled Print Tank: Target
Blue Cardigan: Target
Grey Skinny Crop Pants: Target
Grey Ballet Flats: Target


Frugally yours,



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