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Note: Please forgive my recent absence from this blog. I was in the hospital over the weekend and am just beginning to feel normal again. Thanks for reading!

Fashion can be fun. Trust me. I know it can seem incredibly overwhelming, but once you find your personal style it gets easier. So the big question is, how do you find your personal style? I think the best way is by just paying closer attention to what catches your eye. When you see someone you think looks well put together, what is it that catches your eye? Is it the color combinations? The style of the clothes? Hairstyle? Shoes? By paying attention to what is appealing to you, you can begin to define your personal style.

I’ve found Pinterest to be a great resource for up to the minute fashion ideas. As I’ve said before, I have several boards for clothing and refine them regularly to keep them fresh. You can search Women’s Fashion, or just the “Everything” category has a good representation of fashion ideas. You can even follow the Style Savvy DFW pinboards if you want to! I use ideas from my pinboards to “shop my closet” – rethink my favorite items and use them in a different, fresh way.

Another key to finding your style is actually trying clothes on! I know, to some of you the thought of going shopping for clothes is almost as bad as having gum surgery, but trust me. Try. It.  On. It may look great. It may look awful. But you won’t know until you try it on. This is when shopping with someone else is so important. If you have someone to bring things to you in the dressing room (I call them “Style Sherpas”), exchange unwanted items for a different size or color, or just a second opinion you are more likely to actually purchase something you will wear.

Today’s outfit is a great example. It’s inspiration came from Pinterest using items I already had in my closet. The skinny jeans are the result of about 3 weeks of looking, trying on and eliminating unflattering pairs of skinny jeans. They were all either baggy in the behind, saggy at the knees, too low-waisted (resulting in the dreaded muffin top), or just not right in general. Sort of a Goldilocks situation. Now, trying on skinny jeans is akin to putting on a rubber suit, so it’s not the most pleasant of activities. But I wanted a new pair, so it was job that had to be done. I enlisted the help of my awesome daughter/shopping sherpa and off we went. We stopped in at Urban Outfitters first. Not because I normally shop there, but we were in the area and hadn’t been in awhile so away we went. We headed for the clearance section (of course) and wouldn’t you know it – they had skinny jeans on sale! I’ve never been a fan of Levis, but I figured they were worth a try. After all, I have to take my own advice, right? So I selected a couple of styles and began my trek to the dressing room. The first pair I tried on were, well perfect. A little higher rise (no muffin top!), no sagging, bagging or unfortunate back pocket placement. And they were on sale for $19!! Now they are mine. And I am a happy frugalista.

Today’s outfit:
Grey striped shirt: H&M
Mustard Boyfriend Cardigan: Target
Levis Skinny Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Grey Ballet flats: Target

Frugally yours,



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One thought on “Try It On

  1. This outfit gets a big thumbs-up from me. Love how the pearls look fun, not dowdy, when paired with the striped shirt and distressed jeans. I might just have to head to Urban Outfitters this weekend to see whether they still have jeans on sale!


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