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Wardrobe Basics

Is there one item in your closet you wear when nothing else looks good? I have a couple. My black blazer is probably number one. I know I wear it a lot, and have blogged about it before, but when something works well, looks good and makes you feel awesome when you wear it isn’t that a great feeling?

We’re still experiencing some cool weather in Texas so I needed to layer today. My office can either be really cold or really hot so layers are a necessity – even in the summer. It’s that time of year when the weather feels a little wacky – cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve left my winter coat in the closet at work only to find I need it desperately the next morning!

Of course for women of a certain age layering becomes even more important, regardless of the weather. Hot flashes (or personal infernos as I like to call them) demand several layers of clothing that can be removed without embarrassing the victim or their families. This is where the loveliness of a well fitted tank top can make all the difference. Yes, we most often want to hide our upper arms, but sometimes a tank top is just too comfortable to ignore. The top I have on today is a great example. I should have taken a photo without the jacket, but it’s got an empire waist, wide straps and fits like a dream. The bottom is loose enough to skim my waist and hips and is extremely comfortable. I plan to look for similar tops for this summer to wear with cardigans and light jackets for work. I’ll keep you posted on what I find!

Special shout out to Charming Charlie today! The turquoise bubble necklace in today’s ensemble came from the Park and Preston store in Plano. Elizabeth was extremely helpful, as are all the lovely ladies in that store. Check out all their new Spring accessories soon. And tell them StyleSavvyDFW sent you!

Today’s Outfit:
Black Blazer: J Crew Outlet
Dark Teal Sleeveless Blouse: Ross
Dark Gray Skinny Crops: Target
Black Pumps: DSW
Turquoise Bubble Necklace: Charming Charlie
Pearl strands: Claire’s


Frugally yours,



Animal Print

I really like animal print! I have several shirts, shoes, a belt, even a handbag with some form of animal print. So when I saw today’s shirt at Ross I knew it needed be in my closet. Accessorizing animal print can be a bit tricky. It’s still cool outside, so I wanted a sweater, but the black sweater I tried first just looked too dull. I hesitated about adding the dark red sweater, but I think it works well. What do you think?

When the weather warms up a bit I’ll probably pair this top with a black pencil skirt and maybe add a bubble necklace for a pop of color. You can almost use animal print as a “neutral” – I can see pairing it with red, dark teal or blue skinny jeans or maybe a denim skirt. How do you wear animal print?

Today’s Outfit:
Animal print knit shirt: Ross
Sonoma Black skinny jeans: Kohl’s
Dark Red Embellished Cardigan: Target
Black Pumps: DSW


Frugally yours,


Pops of Color on a Dreary Day

I have to admit I’m a little weary of cold weather. I shouldn’t complain, I know – the east coast is hammered with snow right now – but I’m a spoiled Texan and by now we should be enjoying at least 75 degree days. Not 45 degrees. I hear you – somebody call the wambulance. But hey, I know it will change soon!

For the time being I’ll keep pulling out sweaters. The last time I wore today’s argyle sweater I paired it with a chambray shirt. Today I wore it with a striped shirt for something a little different – and added a hot pink bubble necklace for a little extra punch.

I promise not to complain about the weather anymore. I know soon enough it will be 105 degrees, so I’ll just enjoy this cool weather while it lasts!

Have a great day!

Today’s Outfit:
Argyle Sweater: Target
Striped Cotton Shirt: Ross
Levi’s Hi Rise Skinny Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Black Boots: DSW
Hot Pink Bubble Necklace: J Crew Outlet


Frugally Yours,


Dress Style

My best friend hosted a lovely bridal shower for daughter #3 (D3) this past weekend. What a fun day! It was still cold outside (hello, Sprinter), but I still wanted some Spring color so I raided D3’s closet and found this awesome dress. She found it at a Ross, and I’ve seen some similar ones recently. I think one may need to make its way into my closet very soon…

I love an easy to wear, effortless dress, don’t you? One that you can throw on and wear all day without having to think about it. I particularly like this style because it can be worn year round – with tights and boots like this outfit, or with nude pumps. Or wedge sandals. Or flats. Or colorful sandals. You get the idea. I haven’t worn dresses much recently, but I think I may have to change that soon. The challenge is finding casual dresses that aren’t too short. I’ve found a few online shops that sell “skirt extenders”, but I’m not sure that’s a good solution. What do you think? Would you wear a lace skirt extender under a too short dress?

Today’s Outfit:
Jersey Knit Dress: Ross
Brown Tights: Target
Brown Boots: Ross
Hot Pink Bubble necklace: J Crew Outlet


Frugally Yours,



If you look at the calendar, it should be “Spring”. In Texas we’re experiencing what I like to call “Sprinter”. The sun is shining, trees are budding – some already in full bloom, flowers are springing up and last nights’ low temperature was 36 degrees. Brrrrrr! I mistakenly thought I could put away my sweaters and boots, but alas, I’ll have to wait until at least this weekend.

So now the dilemma is: How do I dress in Spring colors while still staying warm? Today’s outfit isn’t a perfect solution, but it works. I love the watercolor hues in the scarf and the bright blue of the sweater – just enough color to brighten an otherwise cloudy, rainy day.

How are you making the transition between Winter and Spring?

Today’s outfit:
Blue Sweater: Target
Watercolor Scarf: Target
Denizen Jeans: Target
Black Boots: DSW


Frugally yours,


A Little Dotty

There’s a really quick way to add fun to any outfit – polka dots! I’ve always been a fan of polka dots, and this season they seem to be everywhere. I have a black and white polka dot skirt, scarf and shoes. Recently I added today’s aqua dotted tank from Target to my collection. Oh, I forgot about the red, black and brown dotted scarves I’ve had for several years. Yep, I’m a little dotty! How will you add dots to your wardrobe this season?

Today’s outfit:
Aqua dotted tank: Target
Black Blazer: J Crew Outlet
Levis Skinny Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Black Pumps: DSW
Pearl Necklaces: Claire’s
Black Watch: Charming Charlie
Pearl Bracelets: Lori Yeary Designs


Frugally yours,


Coral Confidence

Coral is huge this spring! It’s such a happy, vibrant color – definitely a big part of my wardrobe this season. It can be combined with almost any other color from purple to navy for an instant update to any outfit. You’ll see it everywhere: in scarves, necklaces, earrings, and just about any type of clothing. Even if it’s not necessarily “your color”, you can use it as an accent to add a pop of color. Try a coral bracelet with a pair of brown slacks and lime green or blue top. Or maybe add a coral belt to a pair of skinny jeans and t-shirt. Even a pair of coral sandals will add a great bit of color to an outfit. You’ll be seeing it a lot in my wardrobe this spring and summer!

Today’s outfit:
White Blazer: H&M
Coral T-shirt: Target
Light brown skinny crop pants: Target
Scarf: H&M
Nude Sandals: Ross


Frugally yours,


Professional Style

Sometimes you just have to dress up a little. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I can wear jeans to work every day, but the girly side of me needs to dress up every now and then. Today was one of those days.

This is the “inbetween” season in Texas. Warm days, cool nights – and the occasional weird cold front. I’ve seen just about everything weather-wise in a Texas March: heat wave, tornado, torrential rain, snow, wind, you name it. One day you’re in shorts and flip flops, the next your pulling out the sweaters and coats! I really want to put away my sweaters, but I know we’ll probably have a cold snap when I do and I’ll have to dig through to find something warm to wear. I think I’ll wait until April to pack everything away.

Today’s weather is pretty mild (a cold front is on its way tonite, naturally) so I opted for a little bit more professional look for work. Of course, whenever someone “dresses up” ( and by that I mean wears something other than jeans and tennis shoes), everyone jokingly asks when the interview is. I’ve already had a couple of people ask that question this morning! Black slacks, crisp white button down shirt and black pumps. Not too exciting, but I feel good in it, so that’s all that matters. I put on the white pearls, decided that was boring, then added the green bubble necklace. Voila! Updated, fun look in an instant!

After years in the “corporate” world, it’s nice to wear jeans – but sometimes I miss getting dressed up for work every day. What do you wear to work? Do you have favorite “go-to” item you wear regularly?

Today’s Outfit:
Black Slacks: Express
White Buttondown Shirt: GAP
Black Belt: Target
Black Pumps: DSW
Pearls: Claire’s
Green Bubble Necklace: J Crew Outlet


Frugally yours,


P.S. I apologize for the quality of today’s photo. I was in a hurry and forgot to take the photo at home, so I had to take it at work!

Date Night Style

My awesome husband and I had a date recently and I was ready to bust out some “Spring” style. I love the color palette for this season – bright coral, green, pink and blue, so my first choice was a recent purchase from Cato – a beautiful open knit sweater which was perfect for the slightly cool evening. I was thrilled to find a tank top that I bought at Target several months ago that matched perfectly. I knew I wanted a long necklace to compliment the sweater and pulled out a pearl chain piece I made several years ago. Paired with skinny jeans and some new brown wedges, my wonderful hubs thought I looked great – which is all the praise I need.

It’s always special when I get a night out with the love of my life, so I want to dress accordingly. It doesn’t always mean dressing up, but I want him to know I appreciate the time I get to spend with him. After over 30 years together, I still want to look my best so he knows I value the time we set aside together.

Today’s outfit:
Coral Sweater: Cato
Coral Tank Top: Target
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Brown Wedge Sandals: DSW
Pearl Necklace: Lori Yeary Designs
Earrings: Francesca

3.16.13 Date Night

Frugally yours,


Target Style

Today’s challenge : dress head to toe (except for jewelry and unmentionables) from one store. Done! My outfit today is all from Target – a fugalista’s best friend. True, Target isn’t where you’d want to buy all your clothes (although it could be done). Some things you just need to spend a little more on to get a lasting quality piece of clothing (like my J. Crew blazer), but for every day, seasonal pieces you can’t beat it.

Sizing can be a bit tricky at Target, so you have to try things on. As with most manufacturers, an 8 is not always an 8 – frustrating, yes, but unfortunately for women it’s a reality. From Mossimo to Merona it’s always wise to take at least two different sizes to the fitting room if you don’t have a friend who’s willing to exchange sizes for you.

I have found the quality of clothing at Target has improved over the past few years. I’m seeing more lined skirts and jackets, sweaters that don’t pill after one or two washes and t-shirts that don’t shrink two sizes after one wash. The grey ballet flats in today’s outfit were purchased about 3 years ago and I wish I’d bought them in every color. They’re that well-made and comfortable!

I saw several things yesterday that I’d like to add to my wardrobe this season, but only the grey skinny crops went home with me. So far they are very comfortable, with just enough stretch. If they still feel good by the end of the day, I’ll probably go back and get them in a different color. I won’t wait too long, though as I’m pretty sure they’ll be very popular this season.

What’s your favorite bargain purchase? What’s the one item you find yourself wearing over and over again and why? I’d love to hear from you!

Today’s outfit:

Ruffled Print Tank: Target
Blue Cardigan: Target
Grey Skinny Crop Pants: Target
Grey Ballet Flats: Target


Frugally yours,


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