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Purple Haze

I’m sensing a theme this week. Comfy and cozy. I wore today’s outfit to church on Sunday and had several people comment on how cozy it looked. I love purple, but the turtleneck and sweater would have made me look like an eggplant if I hadn’t added the scarf! The scarf had just enough color to break up the purple and save me from resembling a Veggie Tales character.

This fall and winter have really been about scarves as far as my wardrobe is concerned. I love them for their versatility and ability to add a pop of color to otherwise boring sweaters. Never fear, the scarves will be retired come spring and you’ll see all kinds of necklaces, bracelets and earrings in my accessory rotation. I might occasionally throw in a scarf to switch things up a bit, but usually it’s too hot by May and I won’t wear them nearly as much.

Spring is definitely in the air – and in the stores! I’ll be previewing some of my spring wardrobe in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Today’s outfit:

Purple turtleneck: Target
Purple mohair sweater: Target
Jeans: Ross
Scarf: Target
Black Boots: DSW


Frugally yours,



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