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Do you have a “go to” outfit? You know, one that fits just right, is comfortable to wear and get compliments every time? It’s a wonderful thing to find that perfect combination. Even better to find several! Think back to the last time you felt really good in an outfit. What was it that worked? Do you have similar items in your closet? Take some time to try things on this weekend and play with color and combinations. Take pictures and send them to a stylish friend. Better yet, invite a friend over to help you edit your closet. Invest some time in yourself and try on every item of clothing and make piles:

1. Keep (it fits, you like it and you will wear it)
2. Repair/alter (it needs a zipper replaced, button(s) re-sewn or replaced, or resized, etc)
3. Donate (Goodwill/Leukemia Society will pick up from your house)
4. Sell – Look into selling gently worn items on eBay, Craiglist or through Facebook. There is a Facebook Garage Sale page for my local area and people use it to sell clothes, household items, etc.
5. Toss – this is the most difficult category. I hate throwing clothes away, but sometimes it’s just necessary. Be brutally honest!

This process takes some time, but I promise it’s worth it! When you have made your edits, turn the hangars backwards when you rehang everything. When you wear an item, put the hanger back the “right” way. At the end of the season (or at least every 6 months), anything that hasn’t been worn gets edited out. I recently reorganized my closet by grouping clothes by color. It’s amazing how much easier it is to find what I’m looking for!

Today’s outfit may look a little familiar. I wore the sweater last week with red skinny jeans, leopard print scarf and brown boots. I love the sweater because it’s warm and the neutral color can be worn with so many things.

Sweater: Old Navy
Orange Tank Top: Target
Jeans: Target
Scarf: Ross
Brown booties: DSW Clearance


Frugally yours,



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