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Credit this blog to “new blogger syndrome” – so many thoughts, so little time. I should have posted this yesterday, but got busy and left it in draft mode. I’lll try not to post more than one a day, and rarely will I post without an outfit photo, but some things just need to be said!

I discovered a new word recently. Frugalista. I love it – because that’s me. When I started writing this blog it hadn’t really occurred to me how much of my wardrobe comes from Target, Old Navy, Ross, Marshall’s and outlet stores. After I lost 30 pounds last year I literally had to rebuild my wardrobe from “unmentionables” on up. I gave away ALL of my larger sized clothes – no backup, just in case I gain some weight back, you never know wardrobe for me! It was amazing to me how many bags I gave to charity. Embarrassing, actually. With this new wardrobe I’m determined to be brutal about what I keep. I started by putting all the hangers on the rod backwards. At the end of this season if the hanger hasn’t been turned around (indicating I actually WORE the item), it’s going to charity. Period. I think I’ve bought inexpensive clothes because in the back of my mind I’m afraid I’ll gain some weight back. Just being honest. The fact that we don’t have a bunch of extra money right now (daughters living at home, wedding this spring, etc.) is definitely a factor. But I’ve always been a bargain shopper, so I don’t think I’d spend a fortune on clothes even if I had a bigger budget.

A Frugalista loves fashion AND a bargain. The thrill of the hunt. The secret joy of knowing she didn’t pay full price for an outfit. There’s something so satisfying about it. I actually had a coworker recently tell me that when she “won the lottery” she wanted me to go shopping with her. I was so happy to tell her it didn’t take a lottery win to dress well. Just a nose for a bargain, some fashion sense and a little time and patience. You can look fabulous in a $100 head to toe outfit. Yes, that includes shoes.

Frugally yours,



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