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Fashion is an interesting thing. It’s individual. It’s specific, but fluid. It’s constant, yet constantly changing. Therein lies the challenge. As long as humans have been wearing clothes (thanks, Adam and Eve) women have been in a never-ending pursuit of the “perfect” outfit. From animal skin to natural fabrics to man-made fabrics we are constantly changing, editing, rearranging and cultivating our wardrobes like a master gardener tends his prize roses. Yet we’re all so very different. Some women are slaves to fashion with a closet (sometimes 2) full of clothes while others just need a pair of jeans, t-shirts and flip flops to be perfectly happy.

There are so many “fashion” blogs out there, why would I even attempt to write one more? I’m no expert. I’ve had my share (probably more than my share) of fashion disasters (anyone remember the 90’s?) and unfortunate wardrobe choices. My weight has yo-yoed up and down to the point I actually had 4 different sizes of clothes in 3 closets. I’m not proud of that. But I’ve learned and grown over the years and if the comments of my friends and coworkers are any indication I must have some miniscule amount of fashion sense. I rediscovered the glory of accessorizing with scarves this season and am now the resident “scarf wizard” at work.

I recently went on a diet and exercise program and lost 30 pounds over the past year. I’ve had to learn how to dress my new and improved body and it has been a challenge. How do I look both fashionable and age appropriate? How does one dress a size 2/4 54 year old body without looking like I’m trying too hard? This blog will explore the challenges of rebuilding a fashion/budget/appropriate wardrobe in a world where there are more clothing stores for Teens/20 somethings than ever before.

I’ll be posting an “outfit a day” with information on where I bought each piece (and when, if I can remember!) and tips on how to accessorize with jewelry, scarves and whatever random things I can come up with. One important thing to know about me: I’m cheap. I very rarely pay full price for any garment and my favorite stores are Target, Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Steinmart and Old Navy. My shoes usually come from the clearance rack at DSW or Payless during BOGO. I am a sale shopper extraordinaire and have a gift for finding bargains. I rarely, if ever buy silk and try to stay away from items that need dry cleaning. My favorite budget challenge is to see how many items of clothing I can get for $100. I’m not hard on my clothes, but I like to have a variety of things to mix and match in my closet.

So, here we go! I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions!

My first outfit is a prime example of my shopping style. Black turtleneck is from Target. Skirt-Target, black tights – Target, Boots – DSW 3 years ago, Earrings – Charming Charlie

photo 2.12.13

Let the fashion adventure begin,


P.S. I’ll be inviting my very stylish daughters to guest blog on occasion. They’re the ones who have kept me from making some unfortunate purchases and helped keep me on the right fashion track. Plus, they’re awesome writers! Stay tuned…


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